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Monthly Archives: June 2016

a simple pointing of hand

please join us TONITE for the launch of SHINE-A-LIGHT
a publication exploring the power of simple gesture,
an exercise in sincerity,
a basic honest pointing of hand to say 'look here, look at this.' 

with contributions by -
Mecca Vazie Andrews
Aaron Curry
Johanna Hedva
Beth Houfek
Jennifer Krasinski
Sarah Soquel Morhaim
Oliver Payne
Sarah Rara
Sonya Sombreuil
Jesse Spears
Dean Spunt
wednesday, june 29th
970 N. Broadway #212
Los Angeles CA 90012
published by O.N.O. and SASSO

the green at the bottom

tonite, we play round 9.

thank you LAKE for asking us!


attemps to associate

simple in appearance