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Monthly Archives: March 2013

lightened up

btw tomorrow this blog 5 years old

100 DAYS

some friends and i decided to do 100 day projects and started november 12, 2012. i chose to make a ‘song’ a day. 

i stayed on schedule till around new years then started to burn out (also took break for 2 weeks while doing this.)

i got back in it at some point and finished on monday

 here is track with 1 second clips of each of the 100 DAYS

some notes - 

# of days that are less than a minute – 21

shortest day – 15 seconds

longest day – tie at 7 minutes 18 seconds

estimated time of day most were made – sometime between 1 and 4am of the following day

# of days made with friend/s – 9

# of covers in the 100 days – 1

some days i am horrifically embarrassed by, some i like

something may happen with these (or not) but if you hear them one day, i can only hope that you will like at least one.

schools out forever

silk flowers

one thousand false starts