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fever dreamin

year of the ghost

last weekend i made zine YEAR OF THE GHOST (I)

3 copies left. it’s little prequel for a small book being published in next couple months – YEAR OF THE GHOST (II)


100 DAYS

some friends and i decided to do 100 day projects and started november 12, 2012. i chose to make a ‘song’ a day. 

i stayed on schedule till around new years then started to burn out (also took break for 2 weeks while doing this.)

i got back in it at some point and finished on monday

 here is track with 1 second clips of each of the 100 DAYS

some notes - 

# of days that are less than a minute – 21

shortest day – 15 seconds

longest day – tie at 7 minutes 18 seconds

estimated time of day most were made – sometime between 1 and 4am of the following day

# of days made with friend/s – 9

# of covers in the 100 days – 1

some days i am horrifically embarrassed by, some i like

something may happen with these (or not) but if you hear them one day, i can only hope that you will like at least one.

cuckoo clock

last two days of TIMEPIECE at alias books east. i’ll be there at noon today and friday

(then it’s done and just a piece of wood)

look for related zine and poster at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair at MOCA this weekend. more info soon.

and ps. here’s piece i had in the ‘anywhere but here’ show at space 1520 earlier this month -

three dots